Documents. Managed. Securely.

Stop reminding your clients of their outstanding documents.

Designed with security in mind - we save them in your cloud storage!

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Secure Your Documents

We don't save your documents. It's safe in your Google Drive. And you have control.


Remind & Be Reminded

We send reminder emails and let you know once all documents are uploaded.


Deadline Driven

Set deadlines, see upload progress and manage your documents safely and securely

Manage your documents. Simply.

Customers can see their upload progress

You have the power to setup your own templates and customers.
And Reminders.
And deadlines.

You can assign the templates to customers. With deadlines. And reminders. Your customers can log in and upload their documents. And see the progress.

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Don't forget

Clients get reminded

You can setup reminders for your clients. They will get emailed if they still have documents outstanding - so you can focus on the important parts of your business.

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Let's manage

Industries where Doxie helps people

Tax and accounting

Get all the paperwork by the tax deadline!

Property Management

Get reminded when to renew leases and store all .

Financial Services

Get all paperwork uploaded to activate than policy.

File of Life

Set up a file of life with everything your loved ones need to know.


Submit your paperwork on time and have your paperwork safe

KPI and Performance management

Have all proof of goals reached uploaded and safe.

Retail, Sales & Call outs

Upload all delivery receipts, petty cash cash-up paperwork securely.

Building projects

Create templates and upload all invoices, expenses and proof of work.


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